Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a fantastic service that keeps hundreds of our fellow Vermonters safe, warm and informed at a reasonable price.

We are an intentionally small but seasoned business that takes pride in good, old-fashioned and honest work. We charge our customers fair prices and get the job done right.

The ultimate goal is to educate and serve local families and local businesses, not maximize our bottom line at their expense.

Sid and grandson Troy performing repairs

Sid Williams (Owner, Father, Husband)

Sid has been serving the northern Vermont community for over twenty years. He has driven countless miles along the backroads and interacted with all kinds of people over the decades. And although Sid has never claimed to know everything, he does know quite a bit. 

The difficult and intimidating road of entrepreneurship became Sid’s path when he was unexpectedly laid off from his management position in a welding company. Having a wife and three children to provide for (the youngest, his son Nathan, being only two years of age), you could say that the situation seemed bleak, and that Sid needed to take action fast.

Desiring self-employment, time outdoors and interacting with his customers directly, he set his sights on becoming a chimney sweep. With the support of his loving wife, borrowing money from family and the plentiful kindness of others, Sid bought a vehicle and scraped together just enough equipment to start his own business. 

But what would he call it? Sid wanted to be one of the first mentioned sweeps in the (relevant at the time) Yellow Pages. Coincidentally, at the time, Sid’s son, Nathan, would wonder about the house singing a new song he was beginning to learn. And so, ABC Chimney Service was born. 

“I was afraid” Sid said. “…I still remember the stress and the sleepless nights. I wasn’t sure how it all was going to work. I had mouths to feed and children to raise. And now, looking back on it all, I realize; it was one of the best things to ever happen to me.”